One thought on “Arborfield 2018 Roll of Honour”

  1. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am a former Apprentice from the Arborfield 72C (SE) intake. I note that the name of AT Andrew (Andy) Packer is not mentioned in any roll of honour, or on any memorial linked to the College, and I would like to attempt to put that right. Andy was hit by a car whilst walking back to camp from Wokingham in 1974. He was 17 years of age when he died at the scene. I have photographs of Andy and the press cutting recording his death if proof is required. If unit records are available then Andy’s details should be found in the 72C(SE) intake and A Coy.
    He was a great pal and I would like to try and do something to remember him on behalf of all of us from 72C(SE)

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