AANA 2024 AGM Minutes

Annual General Meeting
Held at the National Memorial Arboretum, Alrewas, Staffordshire
Saturday 11th May 2024 Commencing at 1415 Hrs
Members Present:
Johnny McGahan (Deputy Chairman / NMA Liaison Officer) – Harrogate
Glyn Marsh (Treasurer) – Harrogate
Rob Cross (Events Organiser) – Harrogate
Peter Forster (Webmaster) – Harrogate
Steve Joyce (Secretary) – Carlisle
Len Morland – Harrogate
Ken Carver – Carlisle
Colin Taylor – Carlisle
Roger Traves – Arborfield

Chairman’s Welcome
Johnny McGahan welcomed those attending the meeting.
Terry Hanman
Matters Arising
Follow up to the virtual meeting of 09 02 1024
Peter explained that very little progress has been made regarding the website, as we failed to
resolve the problems during the virtual meeting the meeting particularly the draft GDPR / Privacy
policy / membership. Peter has been back in contact with the Information Commissioners Office
(ICO) to find the answers to questions raised. Although we are not required to register with the
ICO, as we are a not for profit organisation, we do have to comply with all the regulations of GDP.

Peter went on to explain the need for a ‘secure server’ to protect the information of our members
held by the association. Following further explanation and a lot of discussion involving all those
present, none of which thought that their own organisations use a secure server. The discussion
then went on to membership, and members signing to agree that their information can be shared
among other members. The only information currently held is email addresses and sometimes
phone numbers.
Roger Traves suggested that he will contacts the secretary of Arborfield association to see what
they do to comply with GDPR.
Once again we now have more questions than answers.

Peter also mentioned association merchandise, and briefly discussed Logo, Ties etc. At a previous
meeting it was agreed that a small working party should be set up to research merchandise items.
Peter agreed to be the lead, Glyn and Colin volunteered to assist.
Johnny drew the discussion to an end due to the time, and once again thanked Peter for all his
hard work to-date. We will have a clearer idea of our options, once Roger has checked with his
association secretary.

Webmaster’s Report
Peter gave a detailed explanation of the need for Data Protection measures to be put in place,
which he believes requires the association to use a ‘secure server’ for our web site.
The topic of membership was also briefly discussed.
Johnny suggested that the secretary circulates a copy of the AANA rules to the committee
members, to allow suggestions on what if anything requires changing.
It was agreed that once Roger has completed his research & committee members have raised
concerns / suggestions regarding the AANA rules, a virtual meeting will be arranged in an attempt
to resolve the issues.

Those present agreed the following.
Chairman Terry Hanman was proposed (Terry has been contacted and accepted)
Secretary Steve Joyce
Treasurer Glyn Marsh
Webmaster Peter Forster
Member Rob Cross (NMA Liaison Officer)
Member Roger Traves
Member Ken Carver

Treasurers Report
The treasurer explained the figures on the attached Income & Expenditure Sheet, which had been
sent out with the agenda, and particularly the requirement to have a ring fenced fund to cover the
£500 insurance excess.
Three associations, Arborfield, Carlisle and Harrogate have each donated £100 each. Chepstow
unfortunately have declined to financially support the AANA.
Current funds held by the association: £1145.5, less the outlay for this year’s memorial service,
which is £300 to NMA and £100 donation to the Pipes & Drums. This will leave approximately
£700 which is close to covering the memorial services for the next 2 years.

Next Meeting
Date yet to be confirmed but likely to be in May 2025
Meeting Closed at 1530hrs
Attachment:Income & Expenditure AANA

Income & Expenditure Statement for the
Army Apprentice National Association
For the period 1st January 2023 – 31st December 2023

Funds as at 1st January 2023
Total Funds £400.84
Income Expenditure
Donations from Assoc. £ 600.00
Other Donations £ 100.00
Total Income £ 700.00

Total Expenditure £ 0.00
In Year Surplus/(Deficit) £ 700.00
Funds as at 31st December 2023
Total Funds £1,100.84

Glyn Marsh
Army Apprentice National Association

  1. The Association’s bank account is held at Natwest Bank, the balance of that account includes the funds of the
    Army Apprentice National Memorial Trust as well as that of the association.
  2. Donations were received from The Arborfield Old Boys Association (AOBA), Association Of Harrogate
    Apprentices (AOHA) and Hadrian’s Old Boys Association (HOBA).
  3. The Beachy Old Boys Association (Chepstow BOBA) have declined to support the association

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