Key Donations

Key Donations

Key donations received from military organisations and associations are noted here, with grateful thanks and acknowledgement, for their generous support.

1st Mar 2010 – Royal Artillery Charitable Fund donates £500

In the early days of the Army Apprentice Scheme a number of apprentices were posted to the Royal Artillery following their boys’ service. These were destined to become artificers in the RA.

2nd July 2010 – Royal Logistic Corps Association Trust donates £500

From the Regimental Treasurer – Lt Col (Rtd) D J Owen MBE
“You will be aware that The Royal Logistic Corps (The RLC) formed in 1993, with the amalgamation of the RAOC, RPC, ACC, RCT and elements of RE, many served as Apprentices. On behalf of the Apprentices of our Predecessor Corps, a donation of £500 is made by the Trustees of the RLC Association Trust”

22nd July 2010 – Royal Engineers Association donates £500

From the Controller REA- Lt Col (Rtd) John McLennan
“In recognition of the long association of the Corps of Royal Engineers and The Army Apprentices through Chepstow and Arborfield, the Trustees of the REA are pleased to donate £500 toward the Army Apprentices National Memorial”

24th July 2010 – Chepstow Town Council donates £500

30th July 2010 – Arborfield Old Boys’ Association donates £5,000

At the AGM of the Association on Saturday afternoon, a proposal was made for the AOBA to donate £5,000 to the Appeal. This was carried unanimously by all those present.

30th July 2010 – AOBA Reunion Raffle donates £615

4th August 2010 – Harrogate Borough Council donates £500

18th Sept. 2010 – Beachley Old Boys’ Association donates £5,000

18th Sept. 2010 – BOBA Reunion Raffle donates £327

2nd Oct. 2010 – AOHA Reunion Raffle donates £240

2nd Oct. 2010 – Association of Harrogate Apprentices donates £500

1st Dec. 2010 – Royal Signals Association donates £500

22nd February. 2012 – REME Central Charitable Trust

We welcome the donation from the REME Trust as it came at a time when the Appeal was near the final target needed to achieve completion of our aims.

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