14 thoughts on “Arborfield Roll of Honour”

  1. Hi David the following to be added to our roll of honour.
    Warren. David, A-62B-A, 19/09/17.
    Spawforth. David, A-62C-D, /01/17.
    Ebbatson, Dougie. A-62A-A. 20/02/16.

  2. Please add my Dad to your Role of Honour.
    William (Bill) Bailey, REME VM, went through Arborfield in 1960 as a 15 year and completed 25 years service.
    He past away on 18 September 2018 and will be sorely missed by all who knew him.
    Thinking of you big guy.

  3. A/T Terry Maher 70a Died in training whilst involved in a PT session . Cant remember the exact date but wont forget a really nice guy

  4. An old friend and another 59C school buddy, Robert Thomas passed away mid last year in Australia. Leaves behind a grieving widow and a young daughter. I stayed at his home in Bristol during our AAS days, and I had him stay with me in Malta for vacation. A generous, man with a great sense of humour.

  5. Now 93, I so fondly remember my days at Arborfield, as young East End boy, it meant many things to me.
    I went to a Reunion there quite a few years ago, sometimes, it doesn’t pay to go down memory lane.
    I wish all you young ones well.
    Under the present conditions, keep well
    and enjoy your family.

  6. A/T Terry Maher, One of our 70A intake who died in training in the summer of 1970 (if my memory serves right). We were doing PT on the field when Terry suddenly collapsed and died. It was a very sad and shocking event he was a really good guy.

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