Tablet Funding

Individual Tablet Funding

Each Tablet commemorates a donation of £75 or more, to honour the donor’s contribution and support, so making the Memorial achievable during 2011. The tablet scheme has raised over £47,000 towards the Memorial costs and has given these donors or their friends and relatives, the opportunity to be remembered as part of their Army Apprentice heritage. The majority of these donations have been made by living ex Army apprentices and totals over 44% of all contributions received to date.

Each Tablet is in natural granite. Each module of 9 tablets, has been built into the periphery of the memorial floor, while the Memorial was constructed, forming three complete circles. A section of how they look (while raining) is shown below.

Names and details on all Tablets and their Module locations in the memorial are listed in the COM TABLET Name LOCATOR found here ……

Com Tablets 14Aug12 30b 61w

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