Beachley Old Boys Association

Membership of the Association

Membership of the Beachley Old Boys Association is open to All Ex Beachley Apprentices and permanent staff.

If you are an ex-apprentice and not yet a member of the Beachley Old Boys Association then please seriously consider joining us


  1. To encourage esprit de corps by providing a means of uniting all past members of the Army Apprentices School College, Beachley.
  2. To maintain old friendships by means of social gatherings.
  3. To keep in contact, through the medium of the Membership Secretary and website for all
  4. Generally to maintain and further the dignity and good name of the Army Apprentices School/College, Beachley and of those who passed through it.

To join or find out more, please contact the BOBA Membership Secretary:

Derek Fox

51 Church Close


Kings Lynn


PE32 1JJ

Telephone: +44 (0)  1760 338483

5 thoughts on “Beachley Old Boys Association”

  1. Hi my Dad William David Hayward was a Member of Boba for many years. He served in Japan and about 15-20 years ago he received a book in the post from Kure City Hiroshima. The book is in Japanese and my Dad never talked about his army days and sadly he passed away 5 years ago after a long battle with dementia and Parkinson’s and I was wondering if there was anyone still alive who served with him I think it was in the 1950’s. Also I was wondering if you knew anywhere I could get the book translated? Thanks for reading this x

  2. To keep the name of the Beachley Old Boys going !, I’d like to join please. 1 Rifles will be leaving soon and who knows what will become of the site should the MoD release it.

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