2016 AGM

2016 AGM Report & Minutes for year ending 31st December 2015

Army Apprentice National Memorial (Registered Charity: 1137924)

Minutes of the Sixth Annual General Meeting held at the National Memorial Arboretum, Alrewas, Staffs, on 9th May 2016

Army Apprentices National Memorial Trust (Registered Charity 1137924)

Minutes of the Seventh Annual General Meeting

Held at the National Memorial Arboretum, Alrewas, Staffordshire

13:00hrs Saturday 7th May 2016

Members Present:

David Chapman (Chairman), Keith Thrower (Deputy Chairman), David Cooper (Secretary), Mike Davis (Treasurer), Johnny McGahan (NMA Liaison), Tony Waite (Webmaster), Maurice Hope (Events), Gordon Bonner, Colin Weir, Max Warwick, Robert Cross.


James Smith, Tony Fullerton.


The meeting opened at 13:00hrs. David Chapman (Chairman) welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked them for attending.

1 Minutes of the AGM dated 9th May 2015

These were read and agreed as an accurate record of the meeting.

Proposed: Johnny McGahan
Seconded: Colin Weir
Carried unanimously.

2 Matters Arising:

Mike Davis (Treasurer) confirmed that the accounts for 2014/15 had been examined and approved.

3 Trustees

Mike Davis had not been able to hand over the position of Treasurer due to Ian Rothwell being unable to take on the role, and Mike agreed to continue in the position of Treasurer.

Keith Thrower resigned as Deputy Chairman and Trustee. It was proposed that Johnny McGahan would assume the position of Deputy Chairman.

Proposed: Gordon Bonner
Seconded: Maurice Hope
Carried unanimously.

The following were unanimously elected to serve as Trustees for 2016/17:

David Chapman – Chairman (Chepstow)
Johnny McGahan – Deputy Chairman & NMA Liaison Officer (Harrogate)
David Cooper – Secretary (Carlisle)
Mike Davis MBE – Treasurer (Arborfield)
Maurice Hope – Events Organiser (Arborfield)
Tony Waite – Webmaster (Chepstow)
Robert Cross (Harrogate)
Tony Fullerton (Carlisle)
Colin Weir (Chepstow)
James Smith (Harrogate)
Tony Waite queried whether he was formally a trustee as he had not signed any formal declaration. After a brief discussion David Chapman confirmed that he had notified the details of all the trustees to the Charity Commissioner.

David Chapman circulated the revised constitution for all the trustees to consider. This was accepted and all trustees signed it.

Proposed: Colin Weir
Seconded: Mike Davis
Carried unanimously.

4 Secretary’s Report

Last year’s dinner produced an excess of income of £88 which had been paid into the Trust’s account.

5 Treasurer’s Report

Mike Davis confirmed that the accounts for 2014 and 2015 had been examined by a chartered accountant and found to be in order. The examiner’s reports were passed to the Chairman for signature. The balance of the fund as at 7th May 2016 is £1,437:52, The income was £400:00 and the expenditure was £90:00. There have only been 6 transactions during the 2015 year.

All 4 of the sponsoring associations had paid their annual subscriptions of £100 for 2014/15. It was agreed that these donations would continue at the same level for 2016.

It was agreed to pay the Burton Salvation Army Band £100:00 for their attendance at the 2016 Annual Memorial Drumhead Service.

The Treasurer’s report was accepted.

Proposed: Maurice Hope
Seconded: Gordon Bonner
Carried unanimously

6 Webmaster’s Report

Max Warwick informed the meeting that the handover of the Webmaster position to Tony Waite was continuing. They were currently awaiting the correction of the validation check to enable the final transfer from Max Warwick to Tony Waite. The website is still fully accessible to visitors. There had been 45,000 hits during the year. Max had also received an enquiry from the Australian Army Apprentices for information which he had supplied, he felt this was a good useful contact.

David Chapman expressed the meeting’s thanks to Max Warwick for all his work in establishing the website and developing it over the past years.

The Webmaster’s report was accepted.

Proposed: David Cooper
Seconded: Johnny McGahan
Carried unanimously.

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