Arborfield Old Boys’ Reunion

This weekend – 15-17th July 2017

55th Annual Reunion of the Arborfield Old Boy’s Association. This year we will be honouring those lads from intake year 1967 as it will be their 50th …. Loads of lads tip up, some with partners – some without. Meet up Firday evening for a Mess Curry night, Parade and Drum Head Service at the NMA on Saturday morning followed by good old mess night …Great weekend meeting uo with old pals …..

for bookings contact IOW Tours on (01983) 405116

2 thoughts on “Arborfield Old Boys’ Reunion”

  1. Love this site. We’ve done our time and are, thankfully, still around to tell the tale, and remember with pride those who made the ultimate sacrifice, or for other reasons are not around to tell such tales.
    The reunions are a fabulous excuse to stir up those memories, re-acquaint and make more friends and more memories- Yes that is possible!!!
    We were selected for our hand-to-eye co-ordination and ability to make something from nothing. We are a ‘select’ few, and the ‘few’ reduce in numbers as the years roll on. Our ‘Army’ was so much different to that of todays’, and that is the one thing we all share. Thank you to the even ‘fewer’ who take the trouble to keep the Associations running and run this website.

    1. Thanks for your comments Nick. It was a great reunion, as ever and enjoyed the company of all apprentices. See you next year

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