Calling all Drummers

Hello there to ALL Army Apprentices from whatever school , college or unit they were trained in. As some of you know, we recently reformed a pipe band to play at reunions for apprentices although mainly at the arboretum to date. We are running quite a nice wee band and have 9 pipers with a couple more to join us in 2018. But we only have a couple of drummers. We have our leading tip and a base drummer and they do an excellent job. For major parades we have also borrowed a side drummer who is ex-Royal Engineers and the drum corps sound is good and blends in with the pipers.

We are looking for any other drummers and pipers who fancy getting involved in apprentice reunions and maybe even other gigs as they come up. We have a badge , hackle , Army Apprentices tartan kilt , pipe ribbons , and our own side and base drums marked up with our selected logo.

Any one fancy getting together with us to make the band the biggest and best over all the units where apprentices trained? You would be more than welcome.

We have a music book of our tunes as well so pipers would not be groping in the dark and drummers would know what basic beatings we use. Our current membership covers South Africa , Oman , US of A , and Australia plus from all over the UK. Practice on your own or via Skype and when we get together we have an hour to go through the tunes we shall be playing. We do well despite the lack of practice sessions.

So why not think about it and give it a go. You will be surprised at the sound and professionalism from inexperienced players to those playing in bands and competitions with their own bands. Just leave me a message and I will get back to you

Cheers to all pipers and drummers


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