Founder Trustee Retires

One of our Founder Trustees has retired after many years of selfless work and commitment to the Trust.

Maurice Hope (Mo) was in there at the start, was a driving force behind the realisation of his dream to see a permanent Memorial to the 10’s of thousands of Army Apprentices who over countless decades provided the backbone for the British Army’s fist.

This tribute to Mo has been penned by another outstanding Founder Trustee, Major Gordon Bonner, and it sums up the debt of gratitude we all owe Mo …..

” In 2009 the Arborfield Old Boy’s Association considered a proposal from Mo that a memorial be built; dedicated to all Army Apprentices who had served worldwide in war and peace.

Subsequently, on the 28 October 2009, an inaugural meeting attended by representatives from the four Old Boy’s Associations of Arborfield, Carlisle, Chepstow and Harrogate convened at the NMA, Alrewas, and decided that they could indeed, design, raise funds and construct a memorial that would provide a fitting tribute to all Army Apprentices who were trained as soldier-tradesmen.

This enterprise came to a successful conclusion with the dedication and unveiling of the memorial on the 7th September 2011.

Mo Hope was one of the founding Trustees, an unsung hero, who liked to work quietly in the background, but none the less was an effective member of the Trust.

For example the final design of the memorial was based on an original drawing submitted by Mo with the base platform representing the circle of life.

Further, since Mo  lived  fairly close the NMA, Alrewas;  times without number, he would  by  the request of other Trustees (particularly the Secretary) at his own expense make a return trip of some 80 miles to follow up on some point of administration  in liaison with the NMA or the contracting stone mason during construction.

In addition during construction, he recorded many digital images of the construction process which became the basis for a historical record of proceeding for the entire project.

In cooperation with Johnny McGahan (Ex-Harrogate) he was responsible for the choreography of dedication day, and for the last six years was responsible for the   planning and execution of the annual memorial service held on site at the NMA.

Recently Mo Hope was appointed Chairman of the Potteries Branch of the REME Association, consequently in view of his new commitment submitted his resignation as a Trustee of the AANM Trust.

There is no doubt that Mo Hope during his tenure made a significant contribution to our enterprise, thus on behalf of the Trustees, Members, Family and Friends we thank Mo for his dedication, commitment and for all his efforts, and we wish him every success in his new role with the REME Association ”

Gordon Bonner

September 2017

5 thoughts on “Founder Trustee Retires”

  1. Well said Gordon, words and a meer thank you seem so little and yet they mean so much. Mo you cannot be thanked enough.

    Barrie Parker (65c Arborfield)

  2. Well done Mo, thank you for the sterling work you have done over the years on our behalf. I look forward to seeing you at the next dinner.

  3. Aptly Named!
    Hope is a feeling which everyone feels
    And then, if it’s gained it is really ideal,
    But, of course, it is something we rarely achieve
    For what it requires is to think and believe
    That with constant effort it will come to pass,
    And not wishing for it while sat on our (sofa!)

    But our Maurice is not one to let life pass by,
    While wishing that something will come – no, this guy
    Will take life and then, by the scruff of the neck,
    He’ll really get stuck in and then, pretty quick,
    Will get the result which he worked for and then
    Find something else new, and start over again!

    So, Mo, now you’ve found something else to sort out,
    We thank you again for what you’ve brought about
    By your foresight and planning and sheer industry,
    We’d wish you success, but that ain’t necessary,
    ‘Cos you’ll give it your best efforts, that much we know,
    And your next project can surely just grow and grow!

  4. Gordon Bonner found the right words in respect of Maurice which I do agree he has been there for most of the events at NMA and done a lot of good work at his own expense
    The only mistake made by Gordon, Maurice is not Chairman of the Potteries REME Assoc Branch I am, he is the President as he deserves the position and all the members were in full agreement

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