Harrogate 2017 Annual Reunion

The 2017 Annual Reunion & AGM Week-end for the Association of Harrogate Apprentices is to take place at Uniacke Barracks, Harrogate N. Yorkshire on Friday 6th and Saturday 7th October 2017.

It is open to all apprentices and permanent staff, both military and civilian.

For all those interested please contact Maurice Snook Tel: 02392372777 email: [email protected] “

2 thoughts on “Harrogate 2017 Annual Reunion”

  1. The provisional date for the 2018 Reunion week-end to be held at Uniacke Barracks Harrogate will be Friday 5th and Saturday 6th October 2018. I wonder if you can update your website and remove the 2017 date.

    I am standing down at the end of the month 30 Nov 2017, and will be replaced by Len Morland 65A. The email for any enquiries for the above will still be [email protected] and telephone number is 01892 523987

    1. Hi Maurice, that’s fine, but I wonder if I could ask you (or someone from your association to both give us a report of how the weekend was – with pickies please- and then some more detail for 2018 so I can make a proper post for you guys.

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