Memorial Trustees

2017 Trustees appointed at the 2017 AGM are as follows:-

David Schofield (Arborfield 65A) – Chairman

Major Johnny McGahan (Harrogate 59A) – Vice Chairman, NMA Liaison Officer &

Major David (Ted) Cooper (Carlisle 61C) – Hon. Secretary & HOBA Rep.

Major Mike J. Davis MBE (Arborfield 60B) – Hon. Treasurer & AOBA Rep.

Maurice (Mo) Hope (Arborfield 59B) – Event Organiser & AOBA Rep.

Anthony Waite (Chepstow 60C) & BOBA Rep

Tony Fullerton (Carlisle 67B).

James F. Smith (Harrogate 54B).

Colin Weir (Chepstow 55A) & BOBA Rep

Robert Cross(Harrogate).

Glynn Marsh (Harrogate)

Please contact any of the trustees by using the form below:-


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